Jul. 19th, 2015

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Echo Night for the PSX (by From Software--yeah, the Dark Souls guys) is one of my favorite games. It's one of those clunky horror-ish walk-around-and-pick-up-items games I love so much, and instead of being set in a mansion like Resident Evil, The Note and a million other PSX horror games, Echo Night is set aboard a doomed ship where the crew is already dead and you have to help their ghosts pass on to the next world by jumping back and forth through time. It's a small, compelling story, and since it's also on the PS3 shop, I really recommend checking it out.

Anyway, Echo Night 2: Nemuri no Shihaisha is the Japan-only sequel and it recently got a fan translation called Echo Night: The Lord of Nightmares. It's a really stunning localization, extremely thorough and incredibly polished! I really admire the love and hard work that went into this translation.

That said, Echo Night 2 doesn't really hit me the same way the first one did. For one thing, it's way, way larger, with a massive six areas to Echo Night's one, and the bulk of the game takes place in...a mansion. It's a bit disappointing, although the other areas are a little more interesting (ruins and a research lab, a tower, a chapel, a clock tower). Plus, the layout of the mansion doesn't make much sense to me and is totally inconvenient: who would design a house where you have to walk through the kitchen (or locker room, on the opposite side) to get to the courtyard? 

Still, it's a cool game and is worth playing through multiple times to get the different endings. I've only gotten the normal ending so far, and I got a bit burned out on the game my first playthrough, so I'm probably going to let it sit a bit before I go for the bad/good/ominous endings. If you like obscure horror-ey weird games, I definitely recommend the Echo Night series. (I haven't played Echo Night: Beyond for the PS2 yet, though. One day!)


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