Sep. 20th, 2015

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Think back to when video games were primarily 2D and the platforms video games tended to be on had the tiniest fraction of the power they do today, all the while innovation being the name of the game.  Video games were still fairly new, and ambition was high, ideas good and bad are being published and programmed all around.  It's 1987, and computer users are still talking about the ambitious 1984 Elite, a game which seemed to, somehow and miraculously, cram all of outer space itself into their humble 8-bit computers.  The polygons rendered in it were just wireframe, however.  Were consumer computers able to render filled polygons?

It turns out, in a manner of speaking, they were.  Thanks to the ingenious programming of Geoff Crammond,1987 saw the eccentric, first-person view, "consciousness transferring" puzzler known as The Sentinel.

Screenshots and details under the cut. )


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