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Huge free games giveaway NOW CLOSED

EDIT: Thanks everyone for taking part! I hope you enjoyed your games. If you got/didn't get your games successfully, it would help if you left a note. It was my first time gifting games and it was hard to tell if it was working.


Hello there. My Windows PC has given up the ghost, leaving me with a bunch of Steam keys I can no longer use. I decided to give them away.

22 Games on offer. Both mainstream and indie games!

Mass Effect 2
Portal 2 (Can't log onto my Steam library to get the gift key without Windows)
Dragon Age:Origins
Beat Hazard Ultra (M L)

Bejeweled 3
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The Darkness II
Dead Space 2

Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (M L)
Even the Ocean (M)
Evoland (M)

Neo Scavenger (M L)
Offspring Fling (M L)
Bit.Trip Runner (M L)

Paranautical Activity (M L)
Reignmaker (M L)
Signs of Life

(All games run on windows, M= also runs on Mac, L= also on Linux)

How the giveaway will work:
1. You can claim up to 3 games per person per day.
2. Leave a comment under this post, first come first served.
3. If you don't have a DW account include your email address in your comment and you can comment here if you don't have a DW account or don't want to sign in.
4. I will either PM you the Steam links, or email them to you if you have provided an address.
5. You need a Steam account to play the games, but these are free to sign up for.


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