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moon ([personal profile] lunarsystem) wrote in [community profile] rainbowgames2015-09-18 10:20 am
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Games For Everyone!

Hi! Upon recommendation from one of our members, I've decided to drop the "niche" qualifier from rainbowgames' profile and header. Since the definition of "niche" itself changes depending on where you live and what circles you run in, I've decided to make the umbrella as wide as possible. 

Also, I've added "board games" and "card games" to the interests in this community as well. rainbowgames isn't just for video games, so if you have any physical or tabletop games that are close to your heart, we'd love to hear about them!

Thanks for making this a fantastic community, everyone! As always, if you have any feedback or concerns, please feel free to let me know!

[EDIT: I also changed the layout, since the old one wasn't very readable on mobile.]

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