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Animal Crossing QR Codes [Homes/Clothes/Designs] Masterpost

I got a copy of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer recently, which I'm really really enjoying, so I figure I'd make a couple posts about it on here. Pattern and clothing designs made in Animal Crossing: New Leaf are totally compatible with Happy Home Designer, so if you have any old patterns from it lying around that you want to share, go right ahead!

(Note: please post [NSFW] material as replies to blank comments, so that they can be collapsed and avoided! To avoid seeing NSFW material, you can then hit "Top Level Comments Only!"

Please also mark if you're posting a [Home], [Clothing] or [Design] code, and you might want to include a title for ease of searching. Thanks!)

  1. Resetti Bros. - Earthy by [personal profile] lunarsystem 
  2. Lionel - Bathroom Palace by [personal profile] lunarsystem 
  1. [NSFW] Leather Harness by [personal profile] lunarsystem 
  2. [NSFW] Hairy Harness by [personal profile] lunarsystem 
  3. Sparker Suit by madamluna

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