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Name:☆ Rainbow Games ☆
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Community description:discussion and celebration of games
Hello and welcome to [community profile] rainbowgames! This is a community for discussion of video games, with a focus on lesser-known titles. We welcome a wide variety of posts: reviews, impressions, screenshots, icons, fan art and fic, crafts, etc.!

This community is maintained and moderated by myself, [personal profile] lunarsystem. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to drop me a line by private message, email (madamluna24 at gmail), or as a screened comment on this post.

Rules and Guidelines

1) rainbowgames is intended to be a safe space in as many ways as possible, so please don't post hateful content or make hateful jokes (racist, sexist, homo/bi/queerphobic, transphobic, etc). Discussion of this material in video games is fine (e.g. if you're posting a review of a game with racist/sexist/etc content), but please warn for it at the beginning of the post, and in the tags. If you're not sure where your post falls on the spectrum, please feel free to ask me and I'll be happy to help.

2) Use cuts judiciously! If you're posting a lot of screenshots or a wordy review, please place the bulk of it behind a cut. If you're not sure how to do that, click here.

3) Tags are extremely helpful! Please remember to tag your posts with things like "super nintendo," "rainbow islands," "fan art" or "fan fiction."

4) Please, do not use this community solely for advertising (your game, your shop, your walkthrough, etc). However, things like putting a link to your website at the end of a post with your fan art/fic is fine, or mentioning "If you're interested in this game, I've been writing a guide for it here." Just make sure you have some other content to show.

5) Please do not post content (reviews, fan art, fan fiction, crafts, etc) that isn't yours! It's OK to link to stuff that's offsite, though, as long as you give credit to the original creator. (That said, the focus of this community is more on original content and discussion.)

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ace attorney, altered beast, analysis, arcade games, artifact adventure, astal, atlus, balloon kid, betrayal at house on the hill, black knight sword, board games, bonanza bros., bubble bobble, bubsy, bust a move, card games, cave story, city connection, clockwork knight, diable de laplace, doukutsu monogatari, dragon quest, earthbound, etrian odyssey, exit, fan art, fan fiction, fan translations, fanart, fanfiction, final fantasy, flipnote studio, flipnote studio 3d, game and watch, gaming, grasshopper manufacture, gunstar heroes, gyakuten saiban, hal laboratories, helen's mysterious castle, impressions, inclusivity, incredible crisis, irem, kero blaster, killer7, kirby, la-mulana, land ho ltd, land ho!, little king's story, lost word of jenny, love-de-lic, m2, mario, mario maker, metal slug, moon remix rpg adventure, mother, msx, nes, niche games, nintendo, nintendo 3ds, nintendo ds, no more heroes, pc engine, pc games, pc-88, pc-98, persona, picross, picross 3d, pink heaven, pink hour, playism, puzzle bobble, rainbow silkroad, retro games, reviews, role playing games, romancing saga, rule of rose, saga frontier, saga series, sega, sega 3d classics, sega dreamcast, sega genesis, sega megadrive, sega saturn, shin megami tensei, snes, snk playmore, sony, space fishermen, spelunker, spelunky, spike chunsoft, square enix, streets of rage, suda51, sweet home, tabletop games, tabletop gaming, tail of the sun, taito, treasure, turbografx, vanillaware, video games, wii u, wonderswan, yoshiro kimura
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