damnit purgle

Oct. 18th, 2017 08:37 am
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I don't know what the hell Soci did to himself or how, but he has a scrape or tear or something in one hindfoot about the size (and very nearly the shape) of the tapered business end of a pencil.

*watches Soci tear around apt and up the bookshelves*

That said, he doesn't seem to notice ...

wtf, purg.

yay new glasses incoming

Oct. 17th, 2017 11:37 am
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I've only needed these for years, oi ... Takes a looong time to build up to the stupid lenses I need, though.

That said! My prescription has actually improved again, which, well -- given what I was like as a wee polyp and what they did to me for years to forestall disaster, improvement is always a bonus. Also I apparently have a clean bill of health as far as my eyes indicate.

Unfortunately now I'm sitting here with insanely dilated pupils and everything is wtf, lol
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Netflix to Produce 30 'New' Anime Series for 2018 Release

Well, this confirms (for the time being anyway) that nu!StS is going to release next year, for what that's worth. Of course -- Netflix being Netflix -- fuck only knows it could be at any given time during next year, blah.

Directly related, we have an English voice cast for the main Bronzes and Saori, may the gods save us all.

the guy who voiced Doctor Victor for Shun? holy shit I think I may approve of this

... omg there's a lot of Fire Emblem and Bravely in here

... omg Owain is going to be Shiryuu 8333

More fic recs!

Oct. 17th, 2017 03:23 pm
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From [community profile] rs_games:

Hope & Legacy: Black Brothers Edition R A few weeks before the start of the next figure skating season, Sirius receives word that his parents have kicked the bucket. He promptly travels back to England for no good reason at all, exasperated husband in tow. Team Sirius.

There's art with the fic and magical skating! But also there's the Black brothers who are trying to fix a relationship that's fallen on the wayside after Sirius ran away from the family. And also an asexual Sirius who has the best supportive husband. The exploration of asexuality is very good here, I think. Having an asexual character who is quite happy to sleep with his husband (whom he loves) despite forgetting to have the sexy times because he doesn't really have those urges. It's good to have different kinds of representation and I like having non-sex repulsed asexuals in fics too.

Colours NC-17 Today is their wedding anniversary. It’s the first time Sirius has remembered it, since Azkaban. He decides to mark the occasion. Team Sirius.

Sirius and Remus get married during the first war! And then things go to shit and Sirius has to deal with that. The descriptions of Sirius getting himself back, just the good moments where he can actually remember the past and it's not all an Azkaban haze is so good. Plus I don't know if I've ever mentioned this but I'm actually not a big fan of Sirius's tattoos in the movies? But author makes very VERY good use of them in this fic and I'm sold.

A Day Like Any Other R The one where Sirius keeps receiving unwanted mail, Remus drinks a lot of tea, Peter's out on a hot date, and James is offering unwanted make overs.
(Or the answer to the question of exactly how many cursed letters can you flush down the loo).
Team Sirius.

So I'm sure lots of you are waiting for this artist's entry for the games and as usual they don't disappoint! This is Sirius and Remus after Sirius has left the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black and while there's a lot of cuddles and cosiness going on there's also a bunch of letters from Walburga that Sirius keeps flushing in the toilet. The thread that ties Sirius to his house and his beginnings are strong, but there is the warm and solidity of Remus's presence by his side and that's all that matters. Very warm and charming!

The sun always comes G Sometimes it is too much, but there are always reasons to keep on going. Team Remus.

Very cute series of snapshots from Remus's life, with his friends and with Sirius. The colours are amazing, I especially love the last one with the sunrise, it does evoke a gentle kind of light aside from a new beginning. The boys' expressions are great too!

And have some Bungou Stray Dogs stuff because why not!

Build Upon the Ruins by izanyas. E The famous and all-winning Double Black gets put aside to gather dust after a battle against a kaiju leaves one of its pilots badly injured. Four years later, the threat against humanity is too dire to afford not to use a fully functional jaeger. Ozaki Kouyou orders Dazai to find a new copilot and fight again.

Chuuya is all for it. Dazai is not. Kunikida finds himself trying to understand the gap full of unsaid things that stands between them both.

Pacific Rim crossover, Soukoku, and all the other ships that I like. I love this fic to pieces even if it sometimes tears my heart. Very good fight scenes with the kaiju as well, and all around good world building. Granted these are already created worlds, but actually adjusting two different canons to make the crossover work is a delicate balance and I love it when it happens like this.

in the park by TheGreatCatsby. T+ Oda goes to the park to write, and finds that he enjoys the company of the man who takes a nap under a nearby tree every day.

I didn't know I wanted this fic until I actually read it. Oda is alive and finally doing what he's always wanted to do. His kids are also alive. Chuuya is still with Port Mafia, but also he's tired because his former partner has left and now they need a new executive. They meet sometimes in the park, and after a while Oda decided to talk to the guy. It's a quiet little fic, with a lot more details left unsaid, but it's powerful exactly because of that. This is the Oda we deserve. ;;;

given earlier conversation ...

Oct. 17th, 2017 03:50 am
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... shall I see if I sell you on it further? }3

'It didn't hurt, not exactly' )

Fic or Treat ~! 83

Oct. 16th, 2017 11:14 pm
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[community profile] monthlysupergo

taichara's Door

DW username: [personal profile] taichara
AO3 username: [archiveofourown.org profile] taichara

You may get: Fic is very likely! At least a drabble 83 Or meta, or -- depending on what you poke me about -- meta burbling, or recs, or gamerules bits/suggestions or the like. There's a chance~ of icon(s) but as you can see from most of mine, my icons are kind of the opposite of fancy, lol

Please leave me: A fandom, a character, a fannish question about some detail or other, you can try with a ship but I kind of suck at writing shipping things that read as shippy (but I will try!) -- multiple requests are fine, I'll get at least one of them tackled for you *grin* You can leave actual prompts, or just a fandom/whatever, whichever floats your boat. Or you can just say "Fic or Treat!", roll your dice and take your chances ;3

Light is on for: [community profile] monthlysupergo folks, flisters, folks tossed at this post by other people, most anyone really -- knock yourselves out 83

Fandoms, etc.: Azure Striker Gunvolt, Rockman/Mega Man (Classic, X, Zero), Saint Seiya (any flavour but Episode G and Next Dimension), Final Fantasy (original, II, IV, VII, Dissidia, Theatrhythm, Brave Exvius), Bravely series (including Four Heroes Of Light), Gundam Wing/00/SEED Astray, Fire Emblem (Jugdral, Archenea including Awakening time period, Heroes), Transformers Sunbow!G1/Dreamwave/"generic G1", Kingdom Hearts, King of Fighters, Voltron Force, Tales of Destiny, Robotech (all generations), Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors, Casshern SINS, Infini-T Force, Seven Princes of the Thousand-Year Labyrinth, RG Veda -- my AO3 is a good place to see possibilities, I spose? Or feel free to poke me and check, if you have an idea because I could probably make this list even longer, lol.

Other stuff: any of my original works, Ancient Egypt (especially Dynasty 18), dinosaurs and other extinct beasties, food and anthropology thereof, bees, Legend of the Five Rings, Exalted, D&D, worldbuilding

Other info: I don't do porn, because I don't get it and therefore fail at it and want to do decently for your treats, folks ;3 And aside from that, my hard DNWs request-wise are basically no rape (and don't pull 'noncon' on me, that's still rape) and no painfully-obvious issuefic-type requests. Aside from those, knock yourselves out ~

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Oct. 16th, 2017 04:36 pm
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That dawning moment of horror when you realize that everything that annoyed the living fuck out of you in FE: Fates' incomprehensible, nonexistent "plot" is also everything that annoys the living fuck out of you about Legendary Defender.

Except LD is even worse and doesn't even have Laslow, Odin or Kaze. Or a ragamuffin in a lobster suit.

that wonderful facepalming time ...

Oct. 16th, 2017 02:58 pm
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... when you are eternally grateful that fandom --

-- where by "fandom" I mean "the network of this particular strain of fanfiction-and-et cetera-creating fans who like to think they are all that exists of 'fannishness'" --

-- has consistently, insistently ignored even the very existence of one of your favorite new things, because that means you are spared the screaming harpy madness of "fandom" going frothing insane at the very existence of one of your favorite characters due to "fandom's" inability, these days, to appreciate either nuance or the fact that said character is already having the piss taken out of them by the rest of the cast because this shit is funny.

So I am content to stay in my little nook over here enjoying the thing. No greater fandom presence required or desired, thanks, sad as it may be to say so.

*lalala ~*

praise the mobile game gods!

Oct. 16th, 2017 02:09 pm
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I totally bombed out of pulling anyone from the gacha (Sigurd why must you hide from me) but that's okie because they'll be sticking around --

And through the power of clever people on the interwebs I know that Ayra and Arden are also lurking in there somewhere and Arvis is definitely going to be a GHB omg omg


But wait! There's more!

The first Exvius Halloween banner hits this Friday! 83 And the dev team is saying -- if I understand correctly -- that last year's units will be coming back (second week banner?) ~


I need Nichol. And Jake. But ye gods almighty will I grate my face against the game to try and get my blood-drinker Lasswell oh yes ~~~

I mean I may fail -- I'm not pouring huge amounts of money into the game, hell no -- but by fuck am I going to use everything I do have at my disposal in the attempt 83333

now, Ice Knight Lassie after the new year, that's going to be a different thing altogether


Oct. 15th, 2017 06:56 pm
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Some walking bag of assholes graffitied my car with a bright purple paint marker :U

Seriously if it's not one thing it's another!

On bright side it's great inspiration for my art assignment and since the car's stuffed anyway I can write a sarcastic reply next to it with no compunctions
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Pumpkins. Pumpkins fucking everywhere here and -- even worse -- with all these pumpkins and haybales and ~*harvest decorations*~ comes the need for extra security til the end of the fucking month which means I have an idiot up my arse and getting in my face every goddamn night.

To watch fucking pumpkins.

Because of course this is the city of savages, in case I've never mentioned it before.

Oh and tonight especially was ~*Nocturne*~ aka when the city fills with pissy, prissy, self-absorbed mincing ~*artists*~ and their displays all fucking night and of course there was a show in my damn courtyard. With the pumpkins. And the annoying extra body.

Combine this with slamming my head in a door over the shoggothian mess that one of my oldest fandoms has been turned into and the other goddamned fucking invasive and ridiculous bullshit of the last few days, and yeeaaaaah having some fucking rando from the company in my space is not helping things.

I'm in a grand mood to write Very Dead Sigurd now, though.

If I ever get a fucking chance.

holy. shit.

Oct. 13th, 2017 11:57 am
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maybe Roberto might actually be black in this movieverse edit: damnit, FOX DX at least you got the right country this time but would it kill you to get Sunspot right just once?

Edit the second: it occurs to me that most of the ol flist is probably wondering why I'm going off the walls; the answer is that 1) I'm old, 2) proper New Mutants has been my pie-in-the-sky wish for years, and 3) here is an article about the Demon Bear Saga.

Suffice it to say that this will either be fucking amazing or skullfuckingly terrible -- but FOX did just give us Logan, so ...

Ai No Kusabi? again? really ~? 83

Oct. 12th, 2017 08:32 am
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Well well well! Imagine my surprise to be browsing around Anime News Network while at work last night only to discover that Media Blasters is going to dub Ai No Kusabi -- and this is not the OAVs I'm familiar with, but a remake that came about in 2012 which Media Blasters has already done a sub release for! Which, somehow, I've missed completely for half a decade, wtf.

My predictable reaction, and response thereto:

[personal profile] taichara: wait, how in the hell did I not know about an AnK remake?
[personal profile] eliyes: dark sorcery?

Because you see, AnK is A Thing That Happens in my life in strange and entertaining and mysterious ways, lol ;3 I'm not a "fan", exactly -- the porn parts used to be funny and are now more like boring, and aside from the basic framework which certainly is "bizarre 80s scifi" enough to be right up my alley, it's not exactly an engaging read/watch and frankly the English translations of the novels are pretty much universally panned as terrible. (I have the first two anyway X3)

What AnK is, is a holdover from my very first forays into fandom back in '95-'96. The OAVs were the great white whale of the june/yaoi fannish branch and arguably one of the great white whales of anime fandom in general despite the subject material because they were so damn hard to get hold of (talk about a restricted circulation), and goooood~ luck ever expecting to encounter the novels. The best source was Aestheticism (I miss that site, and I miss even more the site before they locked down so much of it behind needing scanned IDs and the like); hell, Aestheticism's character bios and world summaries went a long way towards making AnK sound a hell of a lot more interesting, and developed, than it really is, lol. It sounded fun, especially the computer running shit, the OAV art was stunning, and it was the great white whale of the time.

There's a grand story in when I first saw the OAVs also, back in 1999 at Katsucon; the sound of half or more of the audience at the screening fleeing behind where we sat once the porn kicked in is hilarity that will live in my hindbrain forever. It's not like the guys weren't warned, but did they listen? Noooooo ~~~ *ahahaha*

So, AnK is kind of a thing I look on with fond affection, even though it's kind of not at all deserving of its legendary status in many ways.

But wait! There's more!

Imagine my surprise to be poking Amazon quickly to see what there was to be seen on the subject (conclusion: novels still insanely priced in the secondary market, lol) and --

And and and --

Holy shit Kira Takenouchi has put her hellforsaken fan-novel series Taming Riki on fucking Amazon as recently as last year.

(note that Kira is also still claiming that DMP "gave her permission" to publish the things, as if they actually own the rights to AnK. if you ever needed a good reason to never buy books from DMP this is it, if true I still doubt it, because I don't give a good goddamn that they have [had?] the English publication rights, that doesn't give them actual rights over the IP. fuck that.)

Kira Takenouchi is also a class-A fandom wanker of the kind seldom seen in this benighted era, who screwed over royally the "yaoi publishing press" she was running (Yaoi House) in spectacular and explosive fashion and for a loooong time was the jaw-dropping gift that kept on giving. There used to be whole journals dedicated to tracking her and how she was screwing writers and customers over, but my links are either gone or degraded -- here's a highlight, though:

Publishing House Alert: Yaoi House LLC @ Dear Author (make sure you read the comments ~)

Googling various combinations of her name, "Yaoi House", and similar will turn up various of LJ/DW posts concerning the fallout, besides; buyer beware on reading those, of course!

So you see, in its own way AnK is just a Thing that keeps happening and I'm both perfectly fine with this and still kind of boggling at myself that I somehow missed a remake ... which was put on hiatus with no explanation after the fourth episode, by the by, just to show that AnK is still the wtf gift that keeps on giving ~

Of course I snagged the last copy Amazon.ca had in stock, though.

I mean, what else was I going to do, let it escape again? ;3~

HP recs

Oct. 12th, 2017 03:11 pm
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Double post today for some recs! Haven't had the time to catch up with [community profile] rs_games, but I'm gonna sit down at some point for the whole thing hopefully.

Just Smoke PG-13 Two very different impromptu trips to Amsterdam. One before and one after.
Or: The boys do touristy things in Amsterdam while Sirius is mid-breakdown, Remus is very much Not in Love with Him, James is keen to get high, and Peter just wants to see some naked ladies.
Team Remus.

What's not to love about this fic? There's boys being silly and awkward, which is my fave combination, but also amidst all the shenanigans there's always the threat of the war (both in the flashback but also in contemporary time), the pain of being in love, and really just the connections we have with other people. There is a moment in the fic that I totally expected already (the writer has mentioned it lol), but it still gave me the chills actually reading the scene unfold.

Where you stop the story PG There are countless points to end the story at. Countless opportunities to leave it at the worst, but also at the best of times. If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story. Team Sirius.

A series of snapshots with Sirius, Remus, and the people in their lives. Sometimes very fun and vibrant, sometimes sober and heartbreaking. The artist chose to stop at a very good moment I feel like. Defo a good interpretation of the prompt.

Dropped Dead Gorgeous for [community profile] hd_fan_fair R Draco Malfoy is hired to organise a funeral party on the anniversary of Harry Potter's first death.
This of course has everything to do with how he is a true artiste with lace, fripperies, and dead bodies, and absolutely nothing to do with why Harry Potter keeps inviting him out to dinner.

So if that premise is not enough to make you read this beautiful and surprisingly tender comic (I mean, I was expecting something a la The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh, but got something that actually made me go 'awww'), please do yourself a favour and check it out for the outfits Harry tried on for the funeral of the year. That and the badass ladies.

ow ow ow owww

Oct. 11th, 2017 03:53 pm
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The Imperial Cycle -- Announcing the First Dynasty Packs for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

"Rather than releasing one Dynasty Pack per month over a period of six months, the release schedule for the Imperial Cycle will be compounded and concentrated into a shorter period of time. Beginning in early November, one Dynasty Pack will be released every week for six weeks."

... That's ... that's fucking insane is what it is. *_* I mean sure, these aren't like trying to scrabble after a full expansion set from the old CCG or from Magic or the like, but -- dude, the exchange rate here in the frozen hell-lands is terrible and this will bite a chunk out of my arsecheeks for six weeks? When I don't even know if I'll manage steady gaming?

FFG, I know you've sold out the core sets already (and that's not an exaggeration, they really did and they aren't available directly from FFG atm) and there's a feeding frenzy, and the sudden surprise rpg beta is awesome, and the Risk-like upcoming boardgame seems cool, but maaaaaaybe slow down a tick? Just a little?

Seriously, I'm starting to think someone strapped rocket boosters onto my birbs or something, oi.

That said --

That said --


World of Final Fantasy ~

Oct. 11th, 2017 12:41 pm
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Yes, I started WoFF before I started FFXV and I regret nothing ;3 The tail end of last week into the weekend and out the other side suuuucked (as [personal profile] kalloway can attest) and I want cute idiot chibis damnit --

And it delivered! Holy poot but has it delivered. 83 I love this game already, it's comedy gold and the twins are hilarious and the critters are adorable.

And and and the first place they're dealing with is Cornelia and tiny chibi Princess Sarah I almost died <3 The only thing that was even better was burbling at the Brigade Captain and thinking certain particular wishes and lo and behold, the game did not disappoint me ~~~


Why yes I am easy to please at times, why do you ask? ;3b


Oct. 11th, 2017 09:13 am
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Second art assignment got a better grade and I found a way to do paid work that doesn't take up all my brain cycles. So, starting to feel better.
Today is for French cos gee whizz!

Have the urge to make a weird livestream. It seems like there would be several streams that aren't straightforward gaming/art/programming but I've no idea how to find them? My habit of wanting to see what everyone else is doing is probably a bad one tho, I should just do it. (After studying French)

welp the thing is got

Oct. 10th, 2017 05:16 pm
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Where "the thing" is a Playstation 4.

I didn't expect this to be happening even as recently as July, but a rare (omg you have no idea how rare) stroke of luck let me happen into the funds for this without credit fuckery, digging a hole or anything else of the sort.

(it also is letting me finally get an eye appt and to replace these battered lenses which I've only needed done for years now, oi.)

So I got the thing, and a year's warranty on it besides because I have a purgle and both FFXV and World of Final Fantasy, because I'm already a year late to the party damnit Kingsglaive and etc sitting here notwithstanding. And now I'm good for Dissidia after the holidays, and can load up on my fightan games as further finances permit.

Hell I may even cave and go the KH route, who knows ;3

Of course right this moment I'm sitting in Update Hell[tm] and I can only imagine what awaits me once I fire up XV properly --

focus on the important things

Oct. 10th, 2017 03:29 am
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[personal profile] taichara: oh that explains why I keep getting confused, not that I know more than the flimsiest of basics about Tekkaman anyway
[personal profile] taichara: sweaterman's had a slight name change
[personal profile] eliyes: oh?
[personal profile] eliyes: what was it before?
[personal profile] taichara: in Infini-T Force he's Joji Minami, in the original Tekkaman he's George Minami
[personal profile] taichara: (I bet the VAs have blessed them for the change)
[personal profile] eliyes: probably
[personal profile] eliyes: ;3
[personal profile] taichara: ;3~
[personal profile] taichara: and now he's gonna be Sweaterman forever ~
[personal profile] eliyes: to be fair, the sweater is totally worthy
[personal profile] taichara: the sweater is awesome


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