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Little Labyrinth is a freeware puzzle game made by LEN, a solo Japanese developer. It was made, kind of incredibly, in Danmakufu, a scripting program for bullet hell shooters. You play a vampire girl (maybe a touhou character?) who arranges mirrors to creatively redirect beams of light. But, of course, she has to avoid light herself, so to assemble the suitable light path while keeping yourself out of the way is a significant task. Later levels introduce elements like stones that block the light's path and gusts of wind that restrict your movement.

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A small post for a small game. Endless Alice, a fan game based on the Touhou series (in short, flying girls throw colourful bullets at each other) is a cute little homage to single-screen platformers like Bubble Bobble, but with more of a focus on action. As the lonely dollmaker Alice Margatroid, you have to survive an endless wave of living mushrooms that sprout from the ground, and occasional attacks from Marisa Kirisame, a mischievous witch. There's 16 round layouts selectable before you start a game, but no end to each round- Alice can take 5 hits before the game is over, so it's just about hanging on for as long as you can! Alice can throw dolls to defeat the mushrooms, but holding the button down lets her charge an attack that causes an explosion, and any enemies caught in it blow up too, leading to a chain reaction and more points! She also has a slide and a jump, but that's about it.

It's basic, and the stages take a little time to get going as you wait for enemies to spawn (although once they do, it can get a bit stressful trying to keep up with them all) but Endless Alice is like a pocket-sized arcade game, with sessions lasting barely a few minutes. It's a good game to play for when you want something a little simpler  Endless Alice has been released for free b its developers, Lion Heart, and can be downloaded from their website- click the Endless Alice banner on the right. They also released a version called Endless Marisa with the roles swapped around (Marisa must survive against waves of dolls with her star-flinging magic) but they don't seem to offer this one on their site.


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