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Hi folks! Mario Maker isn't "niche" by any stretch of the imagination, but whatever. I and plenty of my friends have the game, so let's swap codes! Just leave comments on this post with your stage codes and the title (and preferably a little info about them), and I'll update this post to make a directory of stages from [community profile] rainbowgames members!

Feel free to also post codes for stages that you haven't made, but that you enjoy playing! Just make sure to specify the creator of the stage in your comment.

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  • Tracks From the Depths: 47E4-0000-0024-3A5C - This one's by my husband. It's a bit tough, involving some enemy-jumping over pits and Kuribo's Shoe.
  • Outer wall: 9ECE-0000-002D-7206 - By me. It's a simple climbing/jump training level.
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This is less about Balloon Kid as a whole- a neat little platformer by Nintendo and Pax Softnica that serves as Balloon Fight's sequel, turned into an auto-scroller- and more about one specific thing that's always kinda fascinated me about it. For the most part, the game is pretty cute, with tiny enemies like birds and insects that can't even hurt Alice, your player character (beyond popping one of her balloons). This is how about 80% of the game is, as you can see in the screenshots above (the first one with the pencil building in the background? That's Alice's home town, Pencilvania, arf arf!)


But what really interests me about the game are the tone and feel of its later stages, primarily Stage 4 (the belly of a whale), Stage 7 (a giant cave) and especially Stage 8 (some kind of factory. These stages use slower, more foreboding music, and aside from some cute enemies like the octopi who can't hurt Alice, they're full of far more threatening traps and enemies like giant fang-like spikes that drop from the ceiling, jumping flames (admittedly seen in earlier stages), faulty lightbulbs that can explode and launch deadly sparks, and flame-pillars that spit out some of the strangest sounds you'll ever hear from a Game Boy. 

It's just a little unusual for a game that goes from being pretty cute and relaxed- listen to the first stage music, how laid-back is that?- to developing a mean streak like that, even if it's only mild. It's accentuated by the Japan-only Famicom retooling, Hello Kitty World, which alters the enemies and graphics in these areas to be far less intimidating, taking away this odd little mean streak and, with it, some of the charm of the game.

Anyway, you can get Balloon Kid on the 3DS eShop if you've ever been curious, it does take a little time to really get going, but it offers a decent challenge by the end, so give it a try!

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One of my favorite concepts is "fortune telling video games" and there actually seems to be quite a few - there's just something about the concept that draws designers to it I think. I know i've tried my hand at a few designs of fortune telling games. I'm only going to pick out a few here to highlight, but will probably make replies to this post showing off other games as they occur to me :P

Taboo: The Sixth Sense

this one was interesting because it was actually released on the NES. I always really liked the aesthetic of it, with the figured popping up from the cards. and it also had you type in your 'question' for the reading, which as far as I know did nothing other than help you feel like you were interacting more with the results.

Electronic sweet-n-fun Fortune Teller
Electronic Sweet-N-Fun Fortune Teller
oh my gosh I can't tell you how much I love the look of this game, the colors are just so fantastic and cute, and it's an indie game that's an actual NES rom! I would love to try to get this on an actual cart or something.

I remember reading an article somewhere about indie fortune telling games, but for the life of me I can't find it right now.

and not to toot my own horn :toot: but I made a pixel art tarot deck that you can check out here
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Bird Week is a game that completely fascinated me the first time I played it, and I still think about it every now and then because there's not much else out there like it. Developed by Lenar, a company who also made quirky games like Mercenary Force (Game Boy) and Deadly Towers (NES), Bird Week is a simple arcade-style Famicom game released only in Japan in 1986. As a mama bird, you have to look after your chicks by feeding them butterflies you grab with your mouth, all the while avoiding other wildlife including flying squirrels, woodpeckers and hawks. 
What makes the game fairly unique is you'll mostly be avoiding enemies rather than fighting them- you have a mushroom to grab and hit enemies with, but moving about is much more efficient. It's most certainly flawed- the one in-game song is very short, it gets pretty hard/frustrating quickly and it's tough to even grab butterflies at times- but it's such an unusual idea for a game (I really can't think of any games where you play as a bird looking after her young beyond Flicky and arcade ultra-obscurity Birdiy) and it's kinda cute in its own way. 

Anyway, each round changes the season, so here's the first six, plus a fish-catching bonus stage.


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