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Question Wednesday #5: Lost in Translation

So it turns out that Sega brought a mobile installment of their well-known puzzle series, Puyo Puyo, to the West! But it's been localized as Cranky Food Friends and has all of the classic Puyo art removed, making some people very upset. This isn't even the first time Puyo Puyo has been completely rebrandd overseas, either--back in the '90s, it was reskinned as both Kirby's Avalanche and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine!

This used to happen a lot, so I'm curious about which bizarre rebrands are your most and least favorites. Which games do you think benefited from being drastically changed from one region to another? Which didn't? (This can include difficulty changes, art style/character design changes, changing sensitive content, etc.)

And, as always, What are you playing right now?

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