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Question Wednesday #3: Replayables

 Hey everyone! I'm going to be on vacation next week so there miiiight not be a QWednesday then, but I'll do my best to get one up anyway. Just a heads up.

This week's question has a little bit in common with last week's. Are there any games you like to play more than once, on a regular or semi-regular basis? If so, what are they? And, as always: What are you playing right now?
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Oh God, my list is huge, admittedly. I don't play them super often but I do have a list of games I play and beat at least once a year.

In no particular order: Doom 1+2, Quake, the original Sonic trilogy and Knuckles, Dynamite Headdy, Rayman, Mr. Gimmick, and Cave Story.

And then there are some games I boot up and get lost in once every few weeks to every few months. Sim City 2000 is a frequent play, for sure. I try to see how quickly I can build a city that uses every tile on the map. I've only done it twice, but I can get a pretty decent metropolis going in an hour or two!
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Binding of Issac ... easily that game. I have near 400 hours put into it and I still get the urge to go back. and they keep putting out new content!
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Ah, I've never managed to beat Dynamite Headdy, and that Puppet Tower is where I lose almost all my lives!

I play a lot of arcade-style games, so I replay those a lot, but I think the three I've replayed the most- the only ones I've managed to get one credit clears on consistently, and games I can basically play again forever- are Metal Slug, The Newzealand Story and Splatterhouse. Also, most of the 2D Sonic and Mario games. I don't normally replay bigger games (the lone exceptions are Final Fantasy VII and Earthbound, which I replay every few years, give or take) but short-ish games like Resident Evil 2, I will replay.

... Actually I did another 1CC of Metal Slug this week, this time the Steam version which I was really struggling to get for some reason- something just feels a little 'off' with it. Other than that, I've been trying to finish Koumajou Densetsu, often nicknamed Touhouvania, basically a stage-based Castlevania-alike with Touhou characters. It gets off to a bit of a bad start- an open area where it looks like you can exploit the flying ability to coast past everything- but later stages keep you confined so that's really not an option. Fun, but tough!
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Aaaa I used to play the heck out of Splatterhouse... it was definitely one of my regular weekly games until I managed to -almost- 1CC it. I lost my last life during the final boss and just kinda said "ah whatever" and continued and that was good enough for me.
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That's fair enough! It's quite tricky. What I do like though, and one of the things that got me thinking I could 1CC it in the first place, was the health system and how you could get more than the standard 4 hearts by just getting through a stage unscathed. That got me thinking where I could stand to lose hearts and where I needed to keep 'em, etc.

Never bothered with trying to 1CC the second game, though. Too hard! (The Japanese version of 2 limits you to 5 continues, and while it gives you more hearts per life, that's even more difficult, too much for me!)
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Sadly, I don't often have the time to "re-play" games any more, but back in the day I regularly played through a ton of games: the first Final Fantasy, FFIV, FFV, FFVI, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, Yoshi's Island among them. Oh, and Shining Force for the Genesis!

Edit: also, Bubble Bobble, Parasol Stars and Rainbow Islands. And Mizubaku Daibouken...

I have a feeling two other games will soon join that list, with the games in question being FF: The 4 Heroes of Light (boy, did I love that game) and EarthBound/Mother 2.

As for what I'm playing now: mostly Rhythm Tengoku The Best+, although I'm hoping to start the Vita version of Hatoful Boyfriend soon, too.

Rhythm Tengoku The Best+ is really good, BTW, if any of you are RT fans and are currently sitting on the fence RE: The Best+!
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Late on this one but well I think I mentioned my game I play regularly: Etrian ODyssey. I really wanna pick of knight of fafnir honestly. Or etrian mystery dungeon but that's not an option at the moment. That being said I find myself most returning to the first one. Maybe I just enjoy how broken it is? The fact that they coded everything as an elemental attack so immunize protects again ALL THE THINGS is certainly really cool anyway >.>

For why it is so replayable well.. I can make my own team. I actually have three teams on the first game at the moment. BEcause I'm playing through three times at the same time because I'm like that. On my Untold cart I have the story mode team (Some day I'll need to coalesce my Words about the story mode of the game. Though I do find it a worthy remake.), I have my team for my RP blog that keeps falling off to the wayside because I have the attention span of a fruit fly (Protector, Dark Hunter (swords), Alchemist, Medic, Troubadour), I have my sailor moon themed team (though Usagi was hard to pair and I may redo her. The exp is out of sync already so I think I can do it.) (Prot, Landschkect, Alc, Medic, Troubadour).. I was between Alchemist and Survivalist for Rei and I may flop her over too XD. And I plan on starting ANOTHER new team for my livestream XD Again, on the first game. I um. Play this game a lot.

As for what I'm playing now.. I'm playing both EO and Final Fantasy V because Four Job Fiesta. I'm on my second playthrough of V right now. I was hoping I could get through three playthroughs, but I don't think it'll happen. I've gotten through the PSX version, I'm working on SNES, and I wanted to cap with GBA. WEll I'll see if I can at least get the third run started.